“I had the lonely child’s habit of making up stories and holding conversations with imaginary persons, and I think from the very start my literary ambitions were mixed up with the feeling of being isolated and undervalued. I knew that I had a facility with words and a power of facing unpleasant facts, and I felt that this created a sort of private world in which I could get my own back for my failure in everyday life.”
- George Orwell

hello there, this is aly. this blog is going to be used as a side blog for all my writing projects and such.


yeah you read me my book, my love, my one and only, can now be downloaded for free

In celebration of the end of my exams and my graduation from high school, plus school being out and winter break soon for many countries, this is my thank you to all of you. This promotion will last from now (28th of November) until 31st December of this year. Just go to the book’s Smashwords page if you are a member or if you aren’t, you can download it at mediafire and type in the discount code (WE93V) and you can download it for free. Thank you for all the immense support for this book and my career. 

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I had no interests. I had no interest in anything. I had no idea how I was going to escape. At least the others had some taste for life. They seemed to understand something that I didn’t understand. Maybe I was lacking. It was possible. I often felt inferior. I just wanted to get away from them. But there was no place to go.
- Charles Bukowski (via skeletonized)
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“We’re on the edge of a potential civil war and you have a right to know that it didn’t just happen.”

Celebrating the release of my book, A Worthy Adversary, on Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Sony, Barnes&Noble, etc.

We have not touched the stars, nor are we forgiven, which brings us back to the hero’s shoulders, and the gentleness that comes,not from the absence of violence, but despite the abundance of it.  “Snow and Dirty Rain” — Richard Siken 

We have not touched the stars, 
nor are we forgiven, which brings us back 
to the hero’s shoulders, and the gentleness that comes,
not from the absence of violence, but despite 
the abundance of it.  

“Snow and Dirty Rain” — Richard Siken 

Hi! Just stumbled across you and your book via Tumblr. I'm reading the first few pages of A Worthy Adversary on Smashwords. Definitely my kind of story! I'm actually just about to self-publish a similar book of my own (also a trilogy about a teenage boy with superpowers). I'm using CreateSpace to do so, but I just wanted to ask how the self-publishing experience was for you. Congratulations again on your story! -Zoe

hello there zoe!

i went to your tumblr and your book sounds delightful and i might just buy it when it comes out. and i also looked through the tag and i am just gonna sit here and squeal about how basically we have the same FC for our lead characters (logan lerman). i’ve heard of createspace (i actually looked through some websites before smashwords) but since i am a self-sufficient broke high school senior, a free service with smashwords sounded like the best option. 

my self-publishing experience? in a word, it’s been tiring. i have spent lots of sleepless nights going over my story, making sure things were updated -because i originally wrote the story three years ago- and how the characters were presented. my self-publishing experience was pretty much experience by myself. i had no editor or publicity agents, had only a little support from my parents so they couldn’t really help out. 

i did all the things that were expected of me by myself and, in the end, it paid off. the advance reading was such a success and i got so many good reviews. the only thing that was decided from there was that i lacked experience and a strong hand to guide me but i hope this in itself makes me stronger as a writer so i can come back with more experience for the second book. 

i have had some people help me, though. i really wouldn’t have done it without my friends from school and tumblr and my cover artist, sam. it’s been an amazing adventure and i hope it pays off now that’s it’s been publicly announced.

wow this reply was really long i better stop now thanks so much for being interested!

"Alyssa Yuzari’s  ’A Worthy Adversary’ has a unique, modern voice with a strong command of dialogue that keeps the plot moving.” - V. Arrow, author of The Panem Companion.

"A Worthy Adversary is full of action, high stakes, and pop culture references aplenty, and ends on a note that makes it clear Jim Marks’ story is just beginning.” -Hannah Johnson, author of Know Not Why.

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In this world, super-powered humans, called metahumans, live among us. One of them is 15-year-old Jim Marks, a rebellious teenager who is soon offered the chance to be a vigilante and a hero. But when the woman who outed the metahuman community is assassinated, Jim, with the help of his friends, tries to figure out the mystery. What they discover is not a simple murder but a plot and conspiracy involving the best-kept secret of metahumans, a tinge of destiny, fate and things that shouldn’t exist staring them straight in the face. The worst thing? Jim is stuck in the middle of it all.

Called “excellent”, “brilliant and enticing" and "quick-moving and action packed”, A Worthy Adversary follows young Jim Marks in his journey of discovery, the world that surrounds him and the deep secrets that begin to shape his future. This anticipated novel explores universal themes of knowing what it’s like to be different, growing up when you shouldn’t have to, the meaning of family and discovering who we really are. 

update: where to find AWA in your ebookstore

ETA: AWA can now be downloaded for free!

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